Gulai Udang & Kacang Panjang

Masak Lemak Lada Api - Gulai Udang & Kacang Panjang

Masak Lemak Negeri Sembilan - Gulai Udang Kacang Panjang
Portion: For 6 person
  • 1 kg of Freshwater or Sea Prawn (about 8cm to 10 cm size)
  • 1/2  liter of  fresh coconut milk
  • 1-2  fresh Turmeric Leaf
  • 3 cm of fresh Turmeric
  • 50gm of chilli padi
  • 200 gm of long bean
  • 3-4 stem of lemon grass
  • 1 piece of  Asam Gelugor
  • 250 ml water
  • 1 table spoon of sea salt
Preparing the ingredient.
  1. Wash  the prawn 
  2. Clean or wash the turmeric, chilly padi,  turmeric leaf, lemon grass, long bean, asam gelugor
  3. Pound in stone thistle chilly padi, turmeric, salt and lemon grass until fine
  4. Roughly slice the turmeric leaf
  5. Cut the long bean  4cm in length.
How to cook it?
  1. Start with low heat , using a cooking pot or a wok add in all the pounded ingredients and stir mix it well for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Add in coconut milk and water and continue to stir the mix slowly while increasing the heat.
  3. Upon near boiling add in the prawn, roughly sliced turmeric leaf, long bean and asam gelugor 
  4. Continue to stir slowly until boil, and may add in salt to taste.
  5. Lets it boil for 7 minutes.
  6. Serve with rice or vermicelli
Important Point to Note

  • To continuously stir the mix until fully boiled is very important. This to prevent cuddling of the coconut milk. The gravy should be smooth and shinning in texture with no sign of coconut milk cuddling. Cuddles of coconut milk indicate the dish is not cook properly. You may also use the pre pack coconut milk if a fresh milk is not readily available.
    This  is an authentic dish popular  amongst the native Malay of Negeri Sembilan. The dish taste a combination of coconut milk flavor with enticing aroma of lemon grass and sweet greenish aroma of the turmeric leaf.  A pure organic ingredient, with no preservative, MSG and other food enhancer.

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    1. memang best gila ni. Kena try masak bi makan dengan nasi panas oo.